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Video: Ramie Linen Duvet Set

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Ramie Linen Duvet Set

Length: 1:51 Added: Jun-20 Views: 8514

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

Transform the comforter you already have or protect your new one in the European tradition of the duvet comforter cover that so simply yet dramatically changes your bedding look. Made in America of imported ramie linen, it's soft, durable, remarkably easy-care. This ensemble will give your whole bedroom an airy new aura. And, to complete the designer look, consider including the additional decorative European shams offered, or a few of the decorator throw pillows, available in an 18 inch square and a 14 by 20 inch boudoir pillow. This video features a combination of our ultra-soft blanket coverlets with our linen collection. For additional information, you can view videos for Cobblestone, Lattice, and Telluride coverlets. All these blanket coverlets are available in warm, natural-inspired tones of cream, linen, and toast. They feature three-dimensional double-knit jacquard fabric. So soft-- the perfect antidote to a cold evening. These blankets are a great, natural-looking complement to our linen bedding collection. As for linen, is there any fabric more comfortable and natural than 100% ramie linen? And so suitable to so many lifestyles-- Old World and contemporary, classic and hip, sophisticated yet simple, soft and strong. Linen is always fresh and always alluring. All this style with the additional benefit of easy-care laundering. That's right-- these bed linens can be machine-washed in warm water and tumble-dried on a low temperature. The linen bedding is available in colors of java, linen, mineral blue, pearl, sage, and stone. So, we thank you for reviewing Veratex's linen bedding collection. We know you will enjoy these ensembles in your home.