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Video: Mountain House

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Mountain House

Length: 1:45 Added: Jun-20 Views: 108358

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Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Life is full of unplanned events, such as storms, power outages, or last minute dinner guests at your front door. Be prepared with a delicious Mountain House entree made from the same real food ingredients as a home cooked meal. Mountain House family size cans are great for larger numbers of people and the perfect addition to your cupboard or Emergency Preparedness kit. Mountain House meals are quick and easy to prepare and can be ready in only 10 minutes. Simply open the can and discard the oxygen absorber. Carefully measure and pour hot water into the can. Stir carefully and cover with the lid. Let stand eight or nine minutes. Stir again, and it's ready to serve. And voila, a delicious meal is ready for the whole gang. With a remarkably long shelf life, Mountain House meals in 10 serving cans will taste great today or over 25 years from now. Keep them on hand to prepare in a pinch. Enjoy delicious Mountain House entrees during the next big storm or when the whole soccer team stops by at dinnertime.