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Video: Merritt U-Shape Desk

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Merritt U-Shape Desk

Length: 1:46 Added: Jun-6 Views: 94823

Merritt… the workstation that opens doors to a new era of innovative design and functionality.


Merritt… the workstation that opens doors to a new era of innovative design and functionality.

Hi, I'm Farah, and this is the U-shaped desk from Bestar's Merritt collection. This workstation is perfect for the large professional or home office, and a great example of the traditional style of this collection. While it's easy to see how handsome this desk is, some of its features may not be by looks alone. The ample work space is provided by the desk, bridge, and credenza are durable one inch commercial grade work surfaces with a PVC edge detail, capable of standing up to years of use. To further guard your investment, it features a melamine finish which is scratch, stain, and burn resistant. The tidiness of your workspace is also taken into consideration with the rubber wire management strip under the hutch and grommets on the desk. After all, your desk is best used for work, not cabling. And when your work is best accomplished off the computer, the keyboard slides smoothly under the desk on a shelf with ball bearing slides. This is the perfect kit for space and storage while at work. The pedestal provides two utility drawers and a file drawer. These drawers are on ball bearing slides, so you don't have to worry about exceeding their working capacity. And if more storage options are wanted, this collection features a lateral file and a bookcase, both in the chocolate finish. No matter what pieces you acquire from this collection, all products from Bestar are backed with a 10 year warranty. The thoughtful design is reflected in the modesty panel, and the fully reversible setup of the U-shaped desk. To get the most out of your workspace, click the Add to Cart button.