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Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

Meet Susan and Dave, Typical small business owners. As a Costco member, Susan gets her phone system and service from Intermedia. Dave gets his service from the phone company and uses a traditional phone system. Let's ask them some basic questions about their phone system. What do you need to make a phone call? And your system has voicemail to email? Advanced auto attendant? Customizable hold music? Great. You're all set up. Oh. Good news. You just hired a new employee. Now what? Hi. Intermedia? I need another phone and a phone line. I need a new phone and phone line. And what if you need support? Oh. I call Intermedia. And they help me right away. I call the phone company. And I clear my schedule. Now tell me. How much does all this cost? Does that include long distance? No hidden fees? One more question. What happens if the power goes out? Well, the system is hosted in the cloud. So it automatically reroutes to our cell phones. Hi. You've reached Susan's office. Uh, hold on, please. Dave? Oh. I'm OK. I'm OK. Intermedia phone systems are available through Costco. To learn more, go to Click Services at the top. And then click Business Phone Services. Better yet, call us today to get a free phone with every line purchased.