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Video: Cambridge 3-pc Pushback Reclining Leather Collection

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Cambridge 3-pc Pushback Reclining Leather Collection

Length: 1:48 Added: Feb-21 Views: 30048

Cambridge 3-pc Top Grain Leather Pushback Reclining Set


Cambridge 3-pc Top Grain Leather Pushback Reclining Set

Hi, I'm Joshua Noon, Buying Staff for, and I'd like to tell you about the Cambridge 3-Piece Pushback Reclining Leather Collection. Bringing beautiful design into your home with richness of color, ease of style, and overall versatility, this collection features a sofa, loveseat, and chair, and is the next generation of reclining furniture that smoothly adjusts without the tug of a traditional handle. The collection is made from premium grade top grain Italian leather that is both soft and supple. The rich and unique two-tone burgundy leather is hand-cut and selected for maximum durability. Expertly built by master craftsmen, Cambridge provides several unique traits, such as the gorgeous nailhead trims, each one individually placed. Additional details are shown in the piping designs featured around the rolled armrests, as well as the hand-carved, uniquely shaped wooden legs. Most important of all, Cambridge features a total of five pushback reclining seats that offer the ease of simple relaxation. Its special push mechanism presents smooth operation for years of comfort. When in fully reclined position, these pieces need to be approximately 18 to 24 inches away from the wall. Please take note of the dimensions, because the Cambridge is very generous in size, with deep seating and large frames. Kiln-dried hardwoods support the solid frames, which are foam-encased to add padding and protect the leather around all areas. High-density foams are used to provide added comfort and support for both the seat and back cushions. I'm Joshua Noon, and the Cambridge Pushback Leather Collection is available at

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