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Video: Emerson

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Length: 1:01 Added: Sep-17 Views: 5878

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Introducing the Emerson Three-Piece Top-Grain Leather Collection. With its perfect mix of style, comfort, and elegance, Emerson will add classic simplicity to the most important room in your home. This exquisite collection featuring a sofa, loveseat, and armchair offers versatile furniture pieces that will be the highlight of any living space. Emerson provides several unique traits, such as the thick, hand-crafted upholstery that is made from premium grade top-grain leather. The rich beige color is soft to the touch, and luxurious in feel. In large family rooms, classy contemporary apartments, or formal living areas, the Emerson Three-Piece Top-Grain Leather Collection invites you to a classic laid-back space every single day. Abbyson Living. Inspired elegance for the way we live.