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Video: Monte Carlo Octagonal 14’ x 14’ Aluminum Roof Gazebo

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Monte Carlo Octagonal 14’ x 14’ Aluminum Roof Gazebo

Length: 2:03 Added: Sep-9 Views: 29674

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Video featuring products available on

On a hot summer day, when it's a moment of shade that you need the most, you'll find it under your elegant Monte Carlo gazebo. The sun's rays and heat are completely blocked by the special composite roof system. In addition, when that untimely spring or fall rain shower strikes during your dinner party with friends, this same roof system softens even the hardest of rain, adding to the ambiance of being outdoors. It's multiple layers add strength and actually deaden the sound of rain. This rugged gazebo, made of aluminum and steel, has a gracefully clean architectural design. It fits well into any backyard setting. Its new no-weld system eliminates loosening over time. Its octagonal shape in full size allows for many types of furniture. The roof panels are an engineering development that will never rust or leave stains on your patio. They are a sophisticated composite of layers of aluminum with a polyethylene core, and multiple layers of finishes and coatings considered commercial grade. This is a section of the aluminum twin-walled roof with composite core. Note the locking mechanism. This patented mechanism easily locks your roof panels into place. The underside has a creamy white finish that adds a wonderful glow during the day and into the evenings. The canopy top section is an added design feature made specifically for wind escapement. The Monte Carlo comes with a dual anchoring system provided for either concrete or solid ground. Assembly can be completed in four hours or less. Whether you set it close to the house or off in the distance, on a patio or over a spa, the Monte Carlo will provide comfort and pleasure for years to come. Enhance your life. And buy the Monte Carlo today.