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Video: Regency 4pc Leather Set

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Regency 4pc Leather Set

Length: 1:04 Added: Feb-5 Views: 2734

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Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Welcoming you with spacious simplicity. The Regency four-piece top-grade leather collection by Abbyson Living introduces the brilliance of time honored style, merged with modern charm, right into the center of your home. This vintage inspired design draws attention with its finesse and grand volume. Bring this collection into your world and experience that chic expression of leisure as you lounge with grace. Wide, rounded arm cushions and comfortable seating areas supply plenty of room for your family to gather and unwind, as the rich and premium grade leather offers a smooth multi-tones dark brown color. Handstitched features include piping lines around the cushions, along with individually placed nail heads. This collection is also complemented by beautifully shaped hand carved wood feet. Abbyson Living, inspired elegance for the way we live.