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Video: Lobster Pot Pie

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Lobster Pot Pie

Length: 3:17 Added: Mar-4 Views: 823

View this video featuring the Costco - Dinner for Four from the Coast of Maine product and shop other similar products on


View this video featuring the Costco - Dinner for Four from the Coast of Maine product and shop other similar products on

Hi, I'm Kyle Hancock in my kitchen in Cundy's Harbor, Maine. And today I'd like to show you our lobster pot pies. They come like this in a box to you. This is a box of four. You can also get a box of two. The instructions for preparation are right here on the back of the box. Its easy. Or on the box of two they're on the label. So don't forget that the preparation instructions are right there for you. Just open the box. And you can see we have four uncooked pot pies. They have been frozen but we recommend that you thaw them in your refrigerator overnight or for several hours. You can see they come in their own ceramic ramekin. To cook them, we recommend that you place them on a baking sheet. Because every once in awhile some of the filling might leak out a little bit. You place them on the baking sheet like this, all four. And you're going to bake them at three tw-- Excuse me. 425 for about 15 minutes. And then turn the oven down to 350 for another five to eight minutes just to make sure that the puff pastry puffs up and the filling is nice and hot. And I'm going to put those in the oven. Our pot pies are ready. Here they are. Aren't they gorgeous? So you have this delicious puff pastry on top. It's lightly browned, there's a little lobster cut out, it makes for a very elegant presentation. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to put one pot pie right here on this plate. And I'm serving this pot pie with a side salad, just of avocado and grapefruit. And it goes very nicely with the pot pie. The fun part about our pot pie is it comes in an individual ramekin. So if you wanted to take one out at a time, or there are two of you and you just wanted to take two out at a time you certainly can do that. The pot pie itself I'm going to just break open here . You can see inside that it is all lobster. Ooh, yummy. Look at that lobster in a sherry cream sauce. We don't put any fillers in it no potatoes, no vegetables. Just big chunks of lobster in a sherry cream sauce. And the cream sauce is made with heavy cream, and butter, lobster stock, and a touch of sherry. Then it's topped off obviously with this puff pastry. It puffs up, it's just delicious, and creamy, and could be any better. And a very famous food writer called this the lobster pot pie of the gods. It's delicious and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.