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Video: The Boys in the Boat

The Boys in the Boat - Video Gallery
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The Boys in the Boat

Length: 2:26 Added: May-14 Views: 716

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Video featuring products available on

In 1936, as the Nazis prepared to stage the Summer Olympics in Germany, nine working class boys in the American Northwest nurtured an impossible dream. They came out of nowhere, out of logging camps, diary farms shipyards, and small dusty towns. But, in 1936, in an old shell house at the University of Washington, they found one another. And, together, they set on an epic saga. Ahead of them, lay the prospect of Olympic gold. They crushed the two-time Olympic champions at the University of California. They beat the best crews in the East, the well-heeled sons of bankers and lawyers and corporate titans. They took on rowing's elite aristocratic British boys from Oxford and Cambridge and smashed the world's record to win the right to row for gold. Then, in Berlin, the heart of the new Nazi state, the stage was set. On a nearby balcony, Adolf Hitler stood watching. Out on the water, his German boys wore swastikas on their chests. The crowd, 75,000 strong, began to chant-- Deutschland, Deutschland, Deutschland. And the flag was dropped. [CROWD CHEERING] [GERMAN ANNOUNCERS] [US NATIONAL ANTHEM] [MUSIC PLAYING]

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