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Video: iFly Skydiving Experience

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iFly Skydiving Experience

Length: 1:54 Added: Sep-30 Views: 4056

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] iFly is where you experience the thrill of free fall without jumping from an airplane. When you arrive, you begin by checking in for your flight. Next you head up to the flight deck where you can watch other groups fly before it's your turn. When it's time to begin your training, your instructor greets you and brings you to the classroom. The classes can have up to 12 flyers in each one. Then for about 10 minutes your instructor will teach you about the basics of indoor skydiving and explain how they'll communicate to you with hand signals in the flight chamber. iFly provides all your skydiving equipment minus the parachute. The fliers then take turns in the wind tunnel, flying on the wall to wall column of air one at a time with the instructor's assistance. Here you get a closeup view of everyone's flight and a chance to hone your skills as you learn from others. The instructors are highly trained and always stay close by while you learn to fly like a skydiver. The thrill of flying your body in high speed wind is an unforgettable sensation. At the end of the session, your instructor will put on an aerial performance. Then all fliers receive a certificate commemorating their first flight. iFly takes videos and photos of your flight that are available for purchase to capture the moment forever, as well as iFly shirts and other cool merchandise to remember your flight. iFly offers discounted flight time to return fliers as well as the opportunity to progress into maneuvering, flying with your friends, advanced maneuvers, and even competitions. [MUSIC PLAYING]