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Video: dayton_cube_storage_ottoman

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Length: 1:04 Added: Jan-30 Views: 1323

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Video featuring products available on

The Dayton oversized multi-purpose ottoman will pleasantly surprise you with its many hidden uses and multiple storage spaces. Four wooden trays unfold from the bonded leather cushions on top, allowing you to dine easily, use it as a coffee table, remove the trays altogether, have additional seating, relaxing foot rests, hidden storage compartments, and so much more. The Dayton leather tray ottoman provides a perfectly easy and fun way to dine away from the table in elegant style. This large ottoman is carefully crafted of high quality bonded leather, which comes in a rich shade of espresso brown. Simply left any of the four trays, flip them over, and you can have a large wooden dining table or individual cushion portable dining trays with clean lines of rich leather. This uniquely designed tray top storage ottoman draped in fine leather offers a classic look that will accent any room and is the ultimate in functionality and style.