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Video: Plaza Royale Caviar

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Plaza Royale Caviar

Length: 1:49 Added: Nov-27 Views: 34640

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Video featuring products available on

Here we are at our farm in Wilton, California, where we proudly raise our beloved native white sturgeon species in the most sustainable way possible. Our outdoor aquafarm pools are designed with a free-range ideology, utilizing a fully natural ecosystem. This starts with California sunshine and pure well water. Organically filtered and cooled by aqua plants, our fish are fed by hand and given an all-natural diet that yields a cleaner, more delicious, and healthier caviar for you. Hi, I'm Ali Bolourchi, and I want to welcome you guys here to our processing facility in Concord, California, where we bring farm-to-table caviar to life for the patron. Let's take a look inside of our Jameson Igloo and see how our Plaza de Caviar goes from our farm to your table. Let's take a look. Here we are inside of our curing room, where we physically take our salt-cured sturgeon roe and create genuine caviar, a similar processes as you would see with a leg of jamon or prosciutto. The curing of the sturgeon roe physically creates the genuine caviar. These original tins are from our farm in Wilton, California and are rotated biweekly for about the first six weeks of their existence before the salted roe becomes actual caviar. These original tins are, in fact, what is broken down and packed by hand for you, our patron. Once we take the caviar original tin from our curing room into our packaging room, we come together to agree on its overall quality and ensure that the curing and the flavor are where they need to be.