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Video: Datacomm Flat Panel TV Cable Organizer Kit w/ Power Solution

Datacomm Flat Panel TV Cable Organizer Kit w/ Power Solution » Electronics - Video Gallery
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Datacomm Flat Panel TV Cable Organizer Kit w/ Power Solution

Length: 5:22 Added: Mar-28 Views: 3189

Datacomm Flat Panel TV Cable Organizer Kit w/ Power Solution


Datacomm Flat Panel TV Cable Organizer Kit w/ Power Solution

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. My name is Brittany Jones, and I'm with that Datacomm Electronics. I'm going to show you how easy it is to install the Flat Panel TV Cable Organizer kit with Power Solution. This table organizer kit is a good option for in-wall cable management. We believe that this cable organizer kit is easy enough for anyone to install, and that's the reason I'm the one showing you how to do it. You'll need the following tools to complete your installation, a sheetrock saw, screwdriver, pencil, and tape measure. The first step in installing the kit is to determine where the flat panel will be mounted. Use a tape measure to mark the correct height on the wall. Locate the instruction sheet included in your kit, and cut out the template on the back. Typically, mounts come with a template, but some of the smaller ones do not. So if you've chosen a smaller bracket that does not come with a template, you'll take it out of the box, and line it up on the wall from the bottom of the marks you've made. The recess cable play can installed on the top, bottom, or sides of this type of bracket. So once you've determined where you're going to install it, take the template you just got out, and trace it on the wall. If you select a larger mounting bracket, it should come with a template. Take the template and line it up on the wall from the bottom of the marks you've made. Take the Datacomm template and make sure that it fits inside one of the openings. Since this one does, we're going to center it, and trace it on the wall. If it doesn't, you can install it on the top, bottom, or sides of the bracket. Now you're going to determine the location of the second plate that's included in the kit. This plate needs to be located directly below the first one and lined up horizontally with existing power outlets in the room. Once you determine this location, trace the template on the wall. Use a sheetrock saw to cut out both templates. Begin to straighten out the eighth foot coil of electrical wire that's included in the kit. The great thing about this kit is that you don't have to be a master electrician to install it. There's no interference with your home's existing electrical wiring, and you're working with the dead circuit. A great tip for straightening out this wire is to bend a hook into one end, and this will keep it from falling when your fishing it through the wall. Take the electrical wire and begin to run it through the wall. Start at the top and work your way down. The hook that you've been in the wire is going to keep the wires from falling as you fish it through the wall. There are two electrical work boxes included in the kit. Take one of these, locate the four tabs on the back, and break one of them open using a screwdriver. Go back to the wall and feed the electrical wire through the opening you've created. Leave about six inches on the outside of the box. Compress the ears, and push the box into the wall. Secure the screws on the opposite corners, and repeat this step with the other box in the lower opening. Now it's time to install the recess cable plate with power receptacle. Go back to your electrical wire. There should be three conductors coming out of it, bare copper, white, and black. Take the receptacle and connect the bare copper to the green grounding screw on the back of it. Connect the white to the silver screw and the black to the brass. Take a screwdriver and secure each connection. Once the connections are secure on the back of the plate, compress the ears on the side, and pull it into the wall. Secure it using the included screws. Now is a good time to install any AV cables that will be necessary for your home theater set-up. Start at the top, and fish your wire through just like you did the electrical wire. Come down to the bottom, and pull it through the opening. The recess cable plate with straight blade inlet has three wire leads coming out the back of it. Match these wire leads to the conductor's coming out of the electrical wire. The green one is going to go with the bare copper, the black will go with the black, and the white with white. Now hold the ends together, take one of the included wire nuts, and twist the ends together. You repeat this step with the black wires and the white wires. Once you've made the connections, take the AV cable and feed it through the recess nose portion of the plate. Compress the wings on the side, and push it into the wall. Secure it using the screws that are included. Now it's time to bring power to the receptacle and to your TV. Take the six foot extension cord, plug the female end into the straight blade in inlet, and plug the male end into an existing power outlet or surge protector. Now that you've completed your installation, you have successfully hidden your power source behind the flat panel and concealed your AV cables in the wall, giving your home theater system a clean, professional appearance.

Costco - Datacomm  Flat Panel TV Cable Organizer Kit w/ Power Solution

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