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Video: Burton Induction Cooktop

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Burton Induction Cooktop

Length: 6:17 Added: Mar-29 Views: 6960

Burton Induction Cooktop: watch this video featuring products available on


Burton Induction Cooktop: watch this video featuring products available on

Hello, my name is Chef Nick. Induction cooking is becoming an increasingly popular form of cooking. From restaurants to household kitchens, it becomes quicker, safer, and more economical with the Max Burton Deluxe Induction Cooktop. [MUSIC PLAYING] Why induction? It instantly reacts to heat adjustments. It cooks quicker than standard gas or electric. It has no flame or hot elements to burn and is less expensive to operate. This sounds great, but how does it work? It seems like magic, but it's actually a simple magnetic reaction between a ferrous metal cookware and the magnetic coils inside of the cooktop. A magnetic field induces heat in the cookware, which, in turn, cooks your food. In comparison, traditional burners cook by heating cookware from below to heat the pan. In fact, it is up to 85% more efficient than other methods of cooking. Now here's a quick demonstration of how this works. Induction cooking does require induction grade cookware. Now what does this mean? If a magnet will stick your pan, it will work on the surface. If you don't have induction grade cookware, that's all right. We've provide an interface disk that you place on the surface, and you can use your normal pans that you already have at home. Although we do recommend induction cookware for maximum efficiency, it's not required. The interface disk will prevent you from having to go out and buy new cookware. You can use what you have at home. All right, getting started is very easy All you're going to do is take your pan. Place it right on the cooktop, and push the on button. On the control panel, select a temperature range from 140 to 450 degrees or power levels ranging from 500 to 1800 watts. If at any time, the pan is removed during the cooking process, you're going to get an error message and a beep come up. That's all right. Simply put the pan back on the surface and continue cooking. When you're done, simply turn it off. Remove your pan. And cleanup is easy because there's no bake-on residue. Just wipe it right off. The Max Burton Induction Cooktop has more features than any other product on the market. It was also named best product by two independent test kitchens. It's all backed by our one-year warranty. The Max Burton Induction Cooktop, it's time to purchase one today. [MUSIC PLAYING] Now that we've shown you how induction cooking works and how it will save you time, money, and operate safer than standard gas or electric cooktops, let's take a moment to explain the full line. Max Burton has an induction cooktop to fit anyone's needs. There are two categories. The household models were demonstrated earlier. They are designed for use in a home but are also ideal for more demanding catering use because they are small, lightweight, and have a stylish countertop design. These models work with standard electrical power and operate on 1800 watts, the maximum wattage for a 120 volt appliance. Feature for feature, they have greater heat and power controls than any other unit on the market at an unbeatable price. The second group features our professional models. These units are built to withstand the rigorous use of a commercial kitchen and built with components that meet strict NSF sanitary and UL electrical requirements. Depending on your kitchen's electrical configuration, you can choose from the standard 120 volt 1800 watt model or the more powerful 220 volt, 3000 watt model. Here in the restaurant, these commercial units are required. The two Max Burton ProChef Inductions operate the same as the household units, with only slight differences. The major difference is in the appearance and construction. You can see they are larger, and that is due to the commercial grade construction required to meet the commercial certification. The other important thing to note is the touch panel and the function lock. Because settings can be inadvertently changed using the pressure-sensitive touchscreen, the function lock allows you to lock into a temperature or power level to keep that from happening. Induction cooking is easy. The best demonstration to show is how quickly you can bring water to a boil. We've started with a cold pan and added water. In a few minutes, this will come to a rolling boil. Induction quickly response to heat adjustments. We can bring it down to a similar and then instantly back up to a boil with just a touch of the keypad. With induction, you can cook just like using a traditional stove, from a searer to a simmer and anything in between. The automatic timer is a useful tool. When time has elapsed, the unit will shut off and cooking will stop. Simply select the timer function and then the number of minutes you need. Once all the settings have been selected, press the function lock to keep them from accidentally being adjusted. There are so many reasons to use an induction cooktop. Not only is it safer, but it will save you time and money. Cooks quicker than standard gas or electric cooktops, more economical to operate because there's no wasted heat energy, reacts instantly to heat adjustments. With no open flame or exposed heating element, it's extremely safe, an ideal choice for use in boats, RVs, college dorms, and assisted living facilities. Cooktop stays cool, except where it comes in contact with the pan. Because the cooktop doesn't get hot, spills don't burn and wipe up easily. Use this comparison guide to find the model perfect for your application.