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Video: Siemens Surge Protector 1400831 Video

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Siemens Surge Protector 1400831 Video

Length: 2:32 Added: Apr-7 Views: 6082

Siemens Surge Protector


Siemens Surge Protector

Hi. This is David Quatela, branding and marketing manager at Siemens. And I'm here today with Ashley Rutledge, who is our residential product manager. How are you today? I'm great. How are you? Doing very well. We're going to spend the next few minutes talking about surge protection in a brand new product that's coming on the market called FirstSurge. Can you tell us a little bit about why surge protection is so important? Of course. So think about your average home today. It's becoming much, much smarter and all of these appliances are very sensitive to electrical disturbances like surge. Think about everything that you don't have plugged into a surge strip, like your appliances and large devices. Your air conditioner, your refrigerator, washer and dryer, none of those are protected with a search strip. So what FirstSurge does is it's installed at the point of entry, and so everything that you have is protected. Oh, that makes sense. Now, reading some of the literature I understand you have three options. You have the power, you have the plus, and then you have the pro, for your FirstSurge options. Do I really need all of those options? We have to have that many options. If you take a look at the map of the US, you'll see that Florida and the Gulf area really has the most storm activity. They're going to need a more robust feature than some of the other areas in the country that don't have as many storms. Now, are there any other features, benefits, differentiators, with the first search product than the competition? There are. And I'm actually going to let Ken, our engineer, talk to that. OK. Thanks, Dave and Ashley. One of the key features with First Surge is it's three stage notification that alerts homeowners that the surge protector is worn out. At that point, First Surge's audible alarm will start beeping. The red service light will flash and either one or both of the green LEDs will extinguish, alerting the homeowner immediately the protection is compromised or lost. Protection is restored when the worn out protector is replaced with a brand new FirstSurge protector. Now, this protective action is far quicker than what you would traditionally see from a standard protector that relies solely upon a single LED notifier. Back to you. Well, Ken. That was great information. Thanks a lot. So I understand that FirstSurge can be used in any Siemens branded load center. Can you elaborate a little bit more? You can get it filled installed and just buy the surge device on its own. Or we've just launched a new line of FirstSurge load centers where we will factory install the surge in the load center for you. Great. All right. Well, thanks again, Ashley, for the time. Thank you. All right.