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Video: Mounting Your SSTV

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Mounting Your SSTV

Length: 5:21 Added: Jan-14 Views: 1864

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Follow along with this video to learn how to attach the stand or use the provided wall mounting kit for your Samsung Smart Signage TV. There are two Smart Signage TV sizes available, 40 and 48 inches. Within the box you will find the quick start guide and warranty information. The stand neck, base and screws. A mini wall mount kit, the power cord, the magic info express USB, and a remote with batteries. The mini wall mount included with Samsung Smart Signage TV should not be used with any other manufactures products. Tools needed for the installation will depend on the type of building material, such as drywall or brick. However, you will need a Phillips head screwdriver and a carpenter's level to complete the process. To start measuring for the wall brackets, first attach the provided level to the template. Then use the provided mini wall mount stickers to temporarily hold the template in place. Remember to use the level to ensure the template is straight before drilling. This kit supports a 200 by 200 VESA standard for the 40 inch sized model. It also has a 400 by 400 VESA standard for the 48 inch sized model. Also within this kit there are two wall-depth options. To mount the TV closer to the wall, drill holes labeled A on the template. To mount the TV further from the wall, use the indicators marked B. After all measurements have been made you can attach the wall anchors. Professional assistance may be required to ensure a safe installation and operating environment. For the closer mount, you can attach the mounting brackets directly to the wall like this. Now if you plan to use the coaxial or HDMI3 port, please mount the TV further from the wall. This way the cables won't get pinched or damaged. For this option, first secure the silver brackets to the wall. Make sure to use the indicators labeled, "top." Then take the extenders and place them on the brackets so the silver tabs poke through. Next, take the mounting brackets and insert them into the extenders. From there, use the provided screws to secure the mounting brackets to the extenders. Once the wall anchors are installed, verify the mounting brackets are firmly secured in place. It's also a good idea to confirm the wall anchors are level on all sides. Now you are ready to attach the mounting hardware to the TV. To mount the display closer to the wall, first place the two adapters on the two holes at the top. Then place the back stand other anchor on the bottom two holes. Then use the four screws to secure them to the display. To mount the TV further away from the wall, first place the two adapters on the two holes at the top. Next place the extenders on the bottom two holes. Then use the four screws to secure the adapters and extenders to the TV. Once they are secured, take the back stand and other anchor and push them onto the extenders like this. Now using an assistant, carefully lift the TV and align the top anchors within the wall brackets. The adapters should align like this. From there, slide to TV downward making sure the adapters are properly seated in the wall anchors. You can also wall mount the TV in portrait mode. With the TV situated so that the stand mount is facing to the right, attach the top anchors and other anchors as shown here. This way, when mounted correctly, the Samsung logo is on the left side. Once the display is secured in place you can use the back stand to easily make all cable connections. Finally, use a level to adjust the left or right position of the TV until it is centered on the wall. Please remember, if the TV is reinstalled in another location, always use the hardware supplied in the Samsung mini wall mount kit to ensure a safe operating environment. To get started, you will need a big enough area to lay the TV face down. You will also need a Phillips head screwdriver to complete the process. After opening the box, make sure you have all the parts to get started. You will need to stand neck, stand base, and the eight provided screws. From there, take a look at the back of the stand. You'll notice two indents. Flip over the stand neck and align the indents to the top of the stand base. Next, insert and secure the two screws on the back of the stand neck. For the other side, use two screws to completely secure the stand next to the stand base. Now take the pre-assembled stand base and carefully slide the stand neck into the slots. Please make sure the screw holes line up and the stand neck lies flush with the TV. Then use the four remaining screws to attach the stand. Once the stand is secured, you can move to TV into place and remove the screen protector. For more information, please visit our website,