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Product Video

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Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Where tradition meets style, the Venezia Top-Grain Hand-Rubbed Leather Sectional Collection introduces the brilliance of time honored style, merged with modern charm right into the center of your home. This vintage inspired design, featuring a large sectional and matching ottoman draws attention with its finesse and grand volume. Venezia is made from a multi-toned brown leather, which is individually hand cut and rubbed by expert craftsman. Venezia goes through a very detailed and intricate hand rubbing process in order to provide the natural warm leather look. As a result, this exposes Venezia to the beauty of real leather, which may feature natural blemishes or imperfections. Free sample swatch requests are highly recommended. For casual family rooms and formal living rooms alike, bring Venezia into your home and experience a chic expression of tradition as you lounge with grace. Abbyson Living, inspired elegance for the way we live.