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Video: Carraway Bar

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Carraway Bar

Length: 1:35 Added: Nov-10 Views: 5402

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] The Carraway Bar has sophisticated good looks and there is even more than meets the eye. This bar is party central. It comes with a sound system that can wirelessly connect to your Bluetooth enabled smartphone to play your tunes and an electric fireplace that provides a relaxing setting. The sound system and electric fireplace are easy to use and operate with the touch of a button. Your guests will enjoy the warmth of the fire as they rest their feet on the nickel finished foot rail, while you serve drinks on the durable laminated black granite top. The fireplace can be used with or without the heat option. You'll be ready for any request with a pull out cutting board, utensils tray with felt bottom, stem wear holders, wine bottle racks, two adjustable shelves, one stationary shelf and locking door, as well as a stainless steel dry sink and bottle holder. A coordinating barstool is available with a comfortable upholstered swivel seat and nickel finished foot rail. Caraway Bar, bringing sophistication and warmth to your party. [MUSIC PLAYING]