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Video: Pentax K-50

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Pentax K-50

Length: 3:06 Added: Aug-28 Views: 12180

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

Forget conformity and get serious with the Pentax K-50, an exceptional DSLR with fast advanced functionality all wrapped up in your own bold colors. Featuring the specifications of a top level DSLR, the 16 megapixel APS-C CMOS image sensor strikes the perfect balance between resolution and image quality. With 81 weather seals, a feature typically found in professional level cameras, your K-50 ensures worry free use in any weather condition or outdoor setting, be it rain or sand. And at 6 frames per second, the K-50 captures fast action shots with ease. The Pentax in-body sensor shift shake and dust reduction technology ensure a sharp, image stabilized, auto leveled, and dust free imaging, with over 25 million K-mount compatible Pentax lenses. Whether you're a novice or an expert, there is a Pentax lens that lets you capture your interesting view of the world. Low lighting? No problem with the K-50's ISO up to 51,200, reducing noise for clear night time pictures. The advanced SAFOX IXi+ auto focus engine, with a AF assist lamp and light source detection sensor, auto focus is fast, even in poorly lit situations. The K-50's approachable easy ergonomics is perfect for families and every day photography. What you see is what you get with the low profile glass Pentaprism viewfinder with 4 interchangeable focusing screens. The K-50 achieves a 100% optical field of view for framing accuracy in a highly compact form factor. Or use the large 3" LCD with 921,000 dots of resolution to frame your subjects. And programmable front and rear E-dials enabling Pentax's renowned Hyper program and manual modes, as well as other rapid no look settings changes, make the K-50 exceedingly enjoyable to use. Beyond taking pictures in both automatic and traditional shooting modes that utilize a highly accurate 77 segment metering system to produce beautifully exposed images and video, the K-50 features enhanced creative modes. Choose from 11 types of custom image modes, and 19 digital filters, all with multilayering capabilities for more creative expression. The K-50 can capture both stills and 1080p HD video with HDR shooting for stunning still and video shooting. And with Eye-Fi compatibility, you can automatically transmit recorded images to a smartphone, or select your favorites and resize them before sending. And when you can't get near a charger soon, the K-50 is compatible with both rechargeable lithium ion and AA batteries, with an optional battery adapter for plentiful power while traveling. Get ready to stand out from the crowd with the Pentax K-50.