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Video: Michelin Heavy Duty Floor Mat Set

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Michelin Heavy Duty Floor Mat Set

Length: 1:53 Added: May-10 Views: 41836

Watch this video featuring the Michelin Heavy Duty 4-piece Floor Mat Set product and shop other products on


Watch this video featuring the Michelin Heavy Duty 4-piece Floor Mat Set product and shop other products on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I'm Kate Brennan with Remington Industries, manufacturer of Michelin-licensed floor mats. Since 1888, Michelin has distinguished itself as one of the most trusted brands in automotive tires. Now, the level of quality drivers have come to expect from Michelin tires can also be found in its line of superior floor protection. Michelin's heavy-duty floor mats are made of premium stain- and soil-resistant rubber to provide you with ultimate protection from the outside elements. This high-quality material can withstand everyday wear and tear without fading, cracking, or deteriorating. The unique, rugged, cellular technology keeps water, dirt, and debris on your floor mat and off of your car's carpet. The driver's side mat features a foot scraper to clean mucky footwear, along with a heel pad to provide extra durability in a high-wear area. Edges can be easily trimmed to provide a more customized fit. Flex lines allow mats to mold to the contours of your vehicle's floor pan for maximum coverage and a more seamless fit. Aggressive nib backing, combined with a substantial weight, keep your mats from sliding back and forth. Corner handles allow for easy removal and storage. Cleaning your mats is also a breeze. Simply rinse with soap and water. These Michelin mats are available in three universal colors to provide you with the best match for your interior-- black, gray, and tan. Superior fit, premium materials, and rugged, cellular technology distinguish these floor mats as the ultimate in automotive floor protection. I'm Kate Brennan, and the Michelin heavy-duty floor mats are available exclusively at