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Video: Valore %u2013 Colonne de douche int

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Valore %u2013 Colonne de douche int

Length: 4:32 Added: Sep-26 Views: 763

La colonne de douche int


La colonne de douche int

The VS 2000 shower panel by Valore is a versatile and slim high end design with full stainless steel casing in a matte finish. The fingerprint resistant nanotechnology coating has six square adjustable hydro jets with 11 nozzles each, and a 100 nozzle overhead shower to give you a rejuvenating and relaxing rainfall experience. The shower panel also comes with a chrome brass hand shower and a cradle with a smooth chrome finish. The three way shower selector knob can be adjusted to different positions depending on your preference. Simply turn to activate the adjustable hydro jets, the overhead nozzle array, or the hand shower nozzle to ensure a consistent and enjoyable rainfall experience. The VS 2000 includes a thermostatic valve that regulates the hot and cold output exactly to the user's preference. In addition, the shower panel also comes with a tempered glass shelf unit for convenient shower storage. Before installation, please refer to the installation guide and confirm that all the parts are included as shown in the parts list. Also use the recommended tools and materials needed for the shower panel installation. The VS 2000 shower panel is highly recommended to be installed by a professional and licensed contractor. Please refer to state requirements before purchasing any full install shower panel. First remove all parts of the VS 2000 shower panel from the packaging. Confirm that all parts are included by referring to the part's identification numeric code in the manual. Connect all the main components together as shown in this step by step sequence within the installation guide. After the shower panel assembly is complete, remove any existing plumbing fixtures and material before proceeding with the full installation of the VS 2000 shower panel. Unique modifications and demolition might be necessary depending on the layout and structure of the existing shower and plumbing. Do not remove, cut, or alter any plumbing pipes or fixtures unless the water to the residence is completely shut off. Once the water shut off is confirmed, cut existing output types and determine the construction necessary to achieve the desired distances between the hot and cold output taps as outlined in the installation guide. After confirming the measurements, make the necessary cuts, additions, pipe soldering, and adjustments to fulfill the requirements of the output taps. After the hot and cold output taps are prepared and aligned, attach the half inch threaded elbows for the shower panel input hoses. Find the desired height level relative to the measurements in the installation guide in order to determine correct drilling points to install the positioning and support brackets. Mark each of the four holes before you pre drill for the shower anchors. Use the proper tile drill bit with the included wall anchors. After each hole has been drilled, insert the anchors and push them flush to the existing tile. Place the mounting bracket over the installed anchors and tighten down with the supplied screws. Make sure each bracket is secured tightly to the shower wall and the protruding portion is facing upward. Attach the hot and cold water input hoses that are located on the back of the shower panel to the threaded output elbows on the wall. Using a wrench, connect the hot and cold input hoses to the hot and cold output taps. Make sure that each output tap matches the correct input goes on the shower panel. Simply raise the shower panel to the wall and mount it to the center of the brackets. The bracket have a center cut out to lock the brackets in place. Once a secure fit is achieved, turn on the water to the residence and check for any loose connections or leaks. Use a silicone sealant on all edges to prevent water from entering the rear of the panel. Please allow 24 hours of dry time before running any water through the shower panel unit. The VS 2000 shower panel by Valore is now complete. Please refer to the installation and user guide for more product information and installation details.

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