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Video: Kingsbury

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Length: 1:24 Added: Aug-27 Views: 2871

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Capture the grand styling of old world charm in the all new Kingsbury 4-piece top grain leather collection by Abbyson Living, a timeless classic that will add size, space, and design to your lifestyle. Crafted of durable premium grade leather that is both soft and supple, Kingsbury provides both comfort and class with its sophisticated curved armrests and individually placed nailhead trimmings. The vintage inspired design draws attention with its finesse and grand volume. Kingsbury seat cushions are sewn into the frame and non-removable. However, the five back cushions are attached via Velcro allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance. This exclusive collection will enhance the style of your existing decor while providing a new statement to your living space. With a carefully balanced relationship of design, size, and comfort, Kingsbury is sure to add timeless luxury to the most important place in your home. Abbyson Living. Inspired elegance for the way we live. [MUSIC PLAYING]