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Video: Dura Cabinet Pro II 6 Piece all-steel Garage Storage System

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Dura Cabinet Pro II 6 Piece all-steel Garage Storage System

Length: 3:29 Added: Nov-16 Views: 75922

Dura introduces its new and exciting steel garage storage system!


Dura introduces its new and exciting steel garage storage system!

High quality and built to last with custom features and incredible value-- the Duracabinet Pro II series is designed with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee when it comes to professional storage solutions. The steel craftsmanship is manufactured by the best in the industry and improves your organization, work area, and storage space. The modular Duracabinet Pro II series includes two base cabinets with easy glide ball bearing drawers, two hanging wall cabinets with adjustable shelves, a tall, full-sized cabinet with customizable shelving, and a full-length heavy-duty work table to complete the ultimate and modern storage package. All cabinets are outfitted with a dual solid metal rod and lock system with key entry to keep your garage items secure and safe. Made with both 23 and 24 steel gauge metal materials, this strong and versatile storage system is ideal for any garage, office, or work area. The modular components were designed specifically for each user to create a custom configuration to maximize and utilize storage space. The robust and contemporary construction is fabricated to sit flush against garage walls to create a seamless and flexible work environment. Each component has adjustable legs to keep your workspace level and convenient. In addition to superior storage, every cabinet comes with innovative peg hole panels inside each module, allowing users to hang everyday tools or items. The Duracabinet Pro II is for the professional and homeowner looking for a bold, two-tone steel metal storage system with commercial grade ultimate strength and exceptional value. The storage system comes with a tall storage cabinet, two strong doors with a dual solid metal locking feature, four adjustable shelves, and interior peg holes for hanging tools. This unit also has an adjustable leg base to level on any flat surface with a flush and flawless wall finish. Also included are the two wall-hanging storage cabinets with easy install mounting brackets. This premier bracket system has a built in level reader for perfect mounting placement onto any wall. Both cabinets have metal doors with a dual solid metal locking feature, one adjustable shelf, and convenient peg holes for small items and tools. In addition, you will receive two base storage cabinets. These cabinets can be moved anywhere to fit your workspace. Both cabinets include a ball bearing drawer and glide locking system with a protective rubber mat lining. Also, both cabinet doors are equipped with a dual solid metal locking feature, interior peg holes for tools, adjustable base legs, and deep storage space for those heavy items. To complete this ultimate package, and for those of you who are looking for a work surface to withstand some serious force and pounding, the steel frame and thick MDF work table was constructed for it all. This heavy-duty work table was framed with solid steel support and leg structures to maximize heavy loads and extreme work projects. Adjust to any flat surface with the leg base, and get ready to conquer your project today. The quality build and sleek design is completely customizable to suit all of your storage needs. If you are looking to experience the market's best storage solution for an incredible value, then purchase the Duracabinet Pro II series and receive a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Duracabinet Pro II-- the ultimate professional storage solution.