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Video: Rome 9pc Patio Dining Set

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Rome 9pc Patio Dining Set

Length: 1:04 Added: Jul-1 Views: 521

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Video featuring products available on

Introducing the Roam outdoor table set. The Rome outdoor dining and seat set combines the ultimate in comfort, style, and utility while being the perfect addition to your outdoor decor. This nine piece set is made of dark, variegated, brown wicker accented by all weather creamy, beige colored Sunbrella cushions. The woven resin wicker seats offer armrests, back support, and even have ottomans beneath them that pull out for leg support or to be used as additional tables. Its versatility is unmatchable. All of the four seats and their matching ottomans tuck neatly under the table making the entire set no bigger than the table itself to accommodate storage and space issues or protected through cold winter months. The contrasting colors and stark right angles make this a stylish modern addition to any backyard, deck, patio, or pool side. The fashion and functionality of the Roma is awe inspiring. We are confident that you love the sturdy construction, style, comfort, and flexibility of the Rome table and seat set.