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Video: Sport Afield Safes

Sport Afield Safes - Video Gallery
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Sport Afield Safes

Length: 3:14 Added: Jun-27 Views: 663

Sport Afield Safes


Sport Afield Safes

[MUSIC PLAYING] Welcome. I'm Britney Henry representing Sports Afield Safes. Since 1887, Sports Afield has been a trusted brand and has now partnered with a leading safe manufacturer to bring you these new Sports Afield Safes. Our affordable line of safes are built to last a lifetime and protect what matters-- keeping valuables safe from fire and theft and keeping your family safe from what's inside. Our Sports Afield Safes are built strong with heavy gauge steel doors and bodies. Our recessed doors contribute to the total security of your safe-- providing protection against unauthorized entry and theft attempts. Sports Afield Safes include a user-friendly, programmable electronic lock. These locks are easy to read and allow you quick access to your valuable. External hinges eliminate pathways for fire and also allow the doors to swing a full 180 degrees-- giving you complete and unhindered access to organize and reach your valuables inside. With advanced fire protection, our safes keep your valuables protected against the unimaginable. Our safes have a variety of industry-leading security features, such as our patented, pry-resistant, notch-bolt technology that protects against forced entry. Extra large bolts and bolts that cover every side of the door provide additional protection if your safe is ever attacked. Sports Afield Safes comes standard with a door organization solution that gives you maximum storage capacity, and our shelf organization systems allow you to easily customize and arrange your safe in a way that best suits you. Our safes also include internal three-pronged power outlets and USB ports, which provides superior functionality while keeping contents protected. Sports Afield Gun Safes come complete with a Lifetime Attack Warranty. So if your safe is ever in a fire or attempted break in, we'll replace your safe completely free of charge. We also provide an industry-leading 10-year warranty that covers all parts, locks, and paint. Your new Sports Afield Safe will be delivered to the curb of your specified address. Your safe will be taken off the truck by the delivery driver, who will then ask you to do an inspection of the safe. You are looking for any damage to the product or packaging that may have occurred during transit before signing the proof of delivery receipt. Your Sports Afield Safe will then be ready to bring inside your home for fast and easy setup. As a thank you for purchasing a Sports Afield Safe, you are eligible to receive a one-year subscription to Sports Afield Magazine-- absolutely free. I'm Britney, and thank you for considering purchasing a Sports Afield Safe from

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