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Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

Introducing Motorola's new multi-line phone system. Motorola's multi-line business phone systems are the perfect solution for working from home, or for small to medium offices. At the heart of the system, is the ML1000 desk phone base station. Incorporating all of the call automation and networking technologies. The modular ML1000 series features up to four incoming trunk lines, and utilizes DECT 6.0 interference-free, wireless technology. This provides a flexible choice of desk phone or cordless handset accessories, across up to 10, separate locations in your home or office. These can be located up to 150 feet above the bass station. The ML1100 desk phone accessories connect wirelessly and effortlessly, and have all of the features of the ML1000. For greater mobility, the ML1200 cordless handset accessory, with an indoor range of 150 feet and an outdoor range of 900 feet, complete the system lineup. Motorola's multi-line business phone systems offer an affordable, flexible, and extendable solution for your home and office worker at a fraction of cost of other comparable solutions. Features include, digital receptionist, easily routes your calls to the right people, digital answering system, never miss a call, up to 200 minutes total recording time, extension status indicator, see if your co-workers are on the phone, music on hold, customizable music plays while your customers are on hold. The new, multi-line phone system. From Motorola. [MUSIC PLAYING]