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Video: How to Manage Your Receiver Hearing Aids

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How to Manage Your Receiver Hearing Aids

Length: 4:35 Added: Jul-17 Views: 452581

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Video featuring products available on

Open the battery door. Activate the battery by removing the protective label. Insert the battery. Make sure the battery is placed with the plus facing up. You may also use magnetic tip of the tool. Close the battery door. Switch the device on by closing the battery door completely. To switch hearing aid off, open the battery door. Open the battery door to store the hearing aids, or if you want to change the battery. Use the tip of the cleaning tool to remove the old battery. To put on your hearing aid, first, place it behind your ear. Now, insert the receiver or micromold into your ear canal. Make sure that the receiver is placed firmly. To change environmental programs, press and hold the top button for two seconds. Program changes are indicated by a beep sound. To activate TV streamer program, press and hold the bottom button for two seconds. Streaming program is indicated by a melody. Multifunction button settings can be changed in the fitting software. To increase the volume, quickly press the top button. To decrease the volume, quickly press the bottom button. Multifunction button settings can be changed in the fitting software. To remove the hearing aid, gently pull out the receiver from your ear canal. Then, remove the hearing aid from behind your ear. Clean your hearing aid using cleaning brush and dry cloth. It is important to clean ear wax from dome, receiver, and microphone openings. Cleaning brush also has special tip that can be helpful when cleaning. After brushing, clean your hearing aid with dry cleaning cloth. To store your hearing aids, leave the battery door wide open for proper ventilation. Use your dryer to store your hearing aids. In order to change wax filter, remove dome from the receiver. Use metal part of the tool to screw in the old filter and pull it out. Insert used filter into the filter pack. Open a new filter. Use the plastic tip to mount new filter in the device. Push the tool until the new filter clicks in. Push the tool with the filter into the receiver opening. When the new filter clicks, gently pull out the tool. Make sure that the filter is mounted firmly. Put back the dome on the receiver. Make sure the dome is mounted properly. Receiver should be inserted onto the end of the tip of dome.