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Video: Maison Collection

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Maison Collection

Length: 1:02 Added: Mar-7 Views: 72262

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] The right rug is central to a room's decor. It can tie your space together to give it an instant and dramatic update. Power loomed of soft Olefin yarns, these rugs feature an extra thick, extra plush pile, soft underfoot. The high filament cabled yarns add richness of color and textural interest while offering stain, shed, and crush resistance. The relaxed, traditional styling of the Maison Collection is ideal for today's casual lifestyle. Inspired by Moroccan tiles, La Vie offers understated elegance with its soft shades of beige. Hancock features bold blocks of neutral colors with a distinctive modern flair. Salia features graceful, overscaled filigree medallions in updated shades of brown. The fashion-forward gray ground of Beckley is accented with blues and ivories. Camille offers a bold navy ground with overscaled motifs, while the geometric Turin design is enhanced with the warm earth tones and organic shading. Maison, the perfect update to any room.