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Video: Kohala K2-C Koa Concert Ukulele

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Kohala K2-C Koa Concert Ukulele

Length: 1:35 Added: Oct-30 Views: 4812

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

Hello. I'm Drew Lewis, Big Kahuna of Kohala. And today, I want to show you the Kohala KK-C. These handcrafted ukuleles are simply the best value in the market today. This set is suited for beginners to players like. And if you've never played a ukulele, get ready for a world of fun. It's an easy-to-play instrument that never fails to bring smiles to peoples' faces. The KK-C contoured-size ukulele features traditional construction-- made with gorgeous koa wood for the best tone. High-grade and die-cast tuning machines provide tuning accuracy. The comfortable mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard paired with the rosewood bridge gives the stability needed for a lifetime of playing. We bound the top, back, and neck to protect this instrument from nicks and dents that can occur and applied custom purpling that makes it look just amazing. As if that wasn't enough, this kit comes with an easy-to-use electronic clip-on tuner to help you train your ear and get you in tune quickly. We also include a custom gig bag with shoulder strap and pocket. [MUSIC PLAYING] Lastly, we have an instructional booklet, which goes over the basics like how to hold a ukulele, tuning, and provides chords and progressions that can help you play many different styles of music. So get yours today at [MUSIC FADING]

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