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Video: Black Diamond Mattress EN

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Black Diamond Mattress EN

Length: 2:59 Added: Oct-8 Views: 137

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

It takes innovation and ingenuity to develop a state of the art mattress. The Sleep Science Team has done just that, by layering technologically advanced materials to create the Sleep Science Black Diamond Mattress. The innovative structure of this mattress combines science and comfort to create a truly unique mattress. The Sleep Science Black Diamond Mattress layers proprietary Bamboo Charcoal Visco Memory Foam, and supportive Latex. Sleep Science Black Diamond Visco Memory Foam is the latest advancement in the Sleep Science Visco Memory Foam line. The Black Diamond Visco Memory Foam was developed by researching the thousand-year-old practice of utilizing bamboo charcoal fibers for its unique properties. Sleep Science blends bamboo charcoal fibers into its proprietary Visco memory foam to create the Black Diamond Visco Memory Foam. The top layer of this mattress consists of five-pound density Black Diamond Visco Memory Foam. It is the perfect top layer to absorb moisture and dissipate odor. The second layer is made of Sleep Science Five-Pound Density Premium Visco Memory Foam, to provide an added layer of comfort. The Latex layer provides exceptional support for the Visco memory foam. The Sleep Science Black Diamond Mattress features the Sleep Science patented Wedge Edge-To-Edge Support System. The wedge is an angled piece of firm polyurethane foam that runs along the outside edge of the mattress. It provides a stable sitting edge, 20% more sleeping surface than the competition, and extends the life of the mattress by preventing the foam from spreading after prolonged use. The bottom layer of the mattress features the Sleep Science Air Channel Base, which is made of high resilient polyurethane foam, that is scored horizontally and vertically in one-inch grooves to promote air circulation in the center of the mattress, creating a temperature-neutral environment. The mattress cover is removeable and washable, enhancing the ability to maintain the freshest mattress possible. The Sleep Surface fabric is a silk blend, which is cool to the touch and luxuriously soft. Sleep well on the Sleep Science Black Diamond Mattress, and reap the benefits of our proprietary Black Diamond Premium Visco and supportive Latex. This mattress combines the best sleeping surfaces on the market today, for a truly unique and exceptional sleeping experience.