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Plan on installation taking about two hours. Before you get started, you're going to want to remove everything off the floor. Start by marking the concrete floor where the garage door closes. This will be the leading edge of your new garage flooring. Measure the width of the garage to locate the center of the floor. The interlocking mechanism of the tiles consists of two parts, the female loop and the male tab. Start at the top corner of the opening of the garage, you want the loops facing away from the garage door and the wall you started closest to. It's important to allow a 1/2" to 3/4" gap around any wall or obstruction to allow for expansion. With your second piece of tile aligned in the same direction as your first sheet, lay the tabs on top of the loops and lock them into place with your feet. Continue this process until the first row is complete. Now, at the front of the garage you will build the rest of the floor in an L pattern. Make sure you keep the loop and the tab direction the same as the first row. Now that the L border is complete and centered, you can lay the tiles inside the L as per your design. To unlock the tile, simply place them over your knee top side up and apply pressure on the sides until they unsnap. Do not do this bottom side up or you'll damage the locking system. When you come up against a wall or obstruction, leave out the tile and trim it in later. Now you're ready for ramp edging. Locate your completer pack, which consists of 20 female edge pieces, and 12 extra MotoFloor tiles. Line up the loops of the ramp edge with the male tab of the tile and snap them into place. Remember to leave the 1/2" to 3/4" expansion gap around any obstruction. Now, return to the areas you left out for trimming. Allow for the expansion gap, mark the tile, trim it, and install it. If it's necessary to remove a tile, insert a rigid putty knife into the gap between the two tiles and pop it up. So, in less than two hours, without the nasty odors and hassles of epoxy or adhesive, you've transformed your nasty garage into a showroom.

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