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Video: 6 FT Adjustable Table

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6 FT Adjustable Table

Length: 2:02 Added: Apr-7 Views: 76944

6 FT Adjustable Table: watch this video featuring products available on


6 FT Adjustable Table: watch this video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] With quality construction and innovative designs, Lifetime Products has revolutionized folding tables and chairs, bringing you a variety of products to meet your needs. The Lifetime Six Foot Adjustable Height Table offers you three different height settings, perfect for children's height, table height, and counter top height, sitting up to six people comfortably. This versatile table is the perfect addition to your home or office. It can also be used for banquets, receptions, conferences, and more. The lightweight, portable design folds easily, making it simple to transport and store. And it's all weather, heavy duty construction gives you the ability to use this table both indoor and outdoor year after year. Made with high density polyethylene, Lifetime tables are stain resistant and easy to clean. The table tops are UV protected, and will not crack, chip, or peel. Our heavy duty table tops feature an innovative [INAUDIBLE] pattern below the table surface, making the entire table stronger and more rigid. The dent resistant corners are specifically engineered to prevent denting or crushing if dropped or bumped. All Lifetime tables have a durable steel frame. Our patented J-channel and cross tubings span the length of the table, creating a sturdy foundation. The powder coated finish prevents scratching, rusting, and corrosion, while also protecting the frame from UV damage. The broad leg stance, locking safety rings, and solid steel brace arms ensure safety and stability. Lifetime exceeds the strength and durability needed for commercial use, while maintaining the best value in affordability for use at home. Lifetime also offers matching chairs, as well as table and chair carts for large setups. Take a look around and you'll see Lifetime tables and chairs everywhere. Homes, churches, offices, and at your next get-together. Whether it's a family game night, outdoor barbecue, or your church fundraiser, Lifetime tables help you work, play, and celebrate the way you want to. Lifetime, for the way you live.