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Video: VersaRoll Informational

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VersaRoll Informational

Length: 1:30 Added: Oct-15 Views: 5376

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] At NewAge we take our product and customers seriously. We've put together this product information video to give you some key highlights about our Versaroll flooring. Product highlights, designer treadplate, sleek look, with a high end finish. Easy to clean, product is impervious to chemicals and can be mopped or hosed. Heavy duty. Floor provides a durable solution that can withstand heavy duty vehicle traffic. Installation tips and tricks. Without a doubt, Versaroll's easy installation is the most notable feature. Here's a few quick tips for installation. 1. Clean the existing dust and debris out of your garage by sweeping it before installation. 2. Roll out the floor and lay it flat in sunlight for 30 to 45 minutes to let the floor flatten. 3. When joining two roles together, there are two basic techniques. Overlap method, slightly overlap the two floors by one to two inches. Seaming method, align the two floors together so they are edge to edge, and apply double sided carpet tape to adjoin the floors. 4. To cut around stairs or protrusions in the garage, measure the cut out and use a utility knife to cut around the desired area. Thanks for your interest in our product. We look forward to providing you a long lasting solution. [MUSIC PLAYING]