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Video: Caroma Sydney Toilet

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Caroma Sydney Toilet

Length: 2:35 Added: Apr-3 Views: 5888

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

One thing you should always remember before you do any work on your toilet is reach down and turn that water supply off. Now that your water supply is off, first thing to do is flush the tank to get rid of the bulk of the water. Now, here's a great tip. Take a shop vac and vacuum the remaining water out of the bowl and the tank because this will save you making a real mess in your bathroom. Now, to seal your off set collar to the closet flange, we recommend you use a standard number one wax ring as pictured. Or as a good alternative, a sponge rubber wax free bowl gasket. Here you can see the Caroma Offset Connector. This product is supplied with all of the Caroma 270 fully skirted balls. These pop straight down on top of the closet flange to take a 12 inch ruffin. Or can be reversed around the other way for a 10 inch ruffin, making for easy installation. Now that your offset connect is firmly bolted down onto your closet flange, take your screwdriver running it around the edge just to clean off any excess wax hanging over into your closet flange. This will ensure that your product will always perform as it should. Now here's the fully skirted 270 bowl being placed right on top of the offset connector. On a level tile floor like this one, simply silicon the bowl into place. Or you may want to shim a little. All the Caroma tanks come with the tank to bowl nuts pre-installed making for an easy installation. The next step is to take your tank to ball foam seal. Remove the adhesive paper. Place the foam seal firmly on the base of the tank. This will ensure a water tight seal between your tank and your bowl. Now take the tank and place it into position. Use the nut supplied to screw the tank firmly down. Now that your bowl's been siliconed into place, you've reconnected your water supply, and you've installed your seat, simply take the lid, put it into position, and you're good to go.