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Video: Quick & Easy: Shrimp Cocktail Hearts

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Quick & Easy: Shrimp Cocktail Hearts

Length: 1:10 Added: Feb-14 Views: 208227

Quick & Easy: Shrimp Cocktail Hearts


Shrimp Hearts

Makes 11 to 15 servings


1 K​irkland Signature™​ Shrimp Cocktail PlatterSmall, heart-shape cookie cutter

​1 cucumber

​1 ​lemon



​Place 2 shrimp​,​ ​tops and tails touching,​ to form a heart shape​.​ Repeat.​​​Add cocktail sauce to center of shrimp. Slice cucumber into ¼" slices. Use a cookie cutter to punch out heart shapes. Decorate platter. Remove a small section of lemon rind and carve into an arrow shape. Decorate the shrimp heart in the middle. Cut remainder of lemon into wedges and serve with shrimp hearts.

Tip: Decorate your table with rose petals.