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Video: Abbyson Channing

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Abbyson Channing

Length: 1:29 Added: Aug-3 Views: 290

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Where classic style meets modern functionality, the Channing top-grain leather collection will add comfortable seating and easy power operation to any living room or family room. The Channing power sofa features two electrically-powered, fully-reclining seats that offer an infinite selection of positions. Additionally, Channing features a unique and amazingly-designed love seat that offers a center console as well as gliding recliner seats. The Channing collection also comes with a power recliner that offers individual seating comfort. Channing features deep, comfortable seating with beautifully rich and thick top-grain leather that will provide years of beauty and wear. Hand-stitched details are shown with a gold contrast stitching. And additionally, Channing is complemented by antique brass nailhead trims, all individually placed by hand. Bring the brilliance of time-honored style merged with modern charm right into the center of your home with the Channing three-piece power collection Abbyson Living-- inspired elegance for the way we live.