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Video: Pro Series Product Informational

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Pro Series Product Informational

Length: 2:04 Added: Oct-15 Views: 8098

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

At New Age, we take our product and customer seriously. We've put together this quick product information video to give you some key highlights about our Pro Series cabinets. Product highlights-- 18-gauge steel. Cabinets are designed with a 100% steel frame and doors. Of note-- the lower the gauge of steel, the thicker the metal. Therefore 18-gauge metal is actually thicker than 20 or 24-gauge metal cabinets. Fully assembled-- these cabinets are welded at the factory requiring little to no assembly. Product depth-- Pro Series cabinets are 24 inches deep, designed for maximum storage in your garage. Installation-- we recommend that two able-bodied individuals work together to install a cabinetry system. As the products come fully assembled, a typical installation consists of the following-- One, unpacking your cabinets. Carefully open your product to ensure that you do not damage the item while opening up the box. Two, installation of the levelling legs. For the locker and floor cabinets, hardware is included to install the height adjustable chrome leveling legs on all four corners of the cabinet bottoms. Three, mounting your cabinets to the wall. For extra stability, we recommend cabinets are mounted to your garage wall. Our cabinets come with perforated cutouts for easy installation. Using your stud finder, make sure you determine the location of wood studs behind the installation of the cabinet for maximum stability. Inspecting your shipment-- if you purchase our Pro Series cabinets online and have them shipped to your door, please check all the packaging to ensure that your complete order has been delivered. If you are missing any components or have visible damage to the packaging, please ensure that it is noted on the paperwork that you get back to the driver. Thanks for your interest in our product. We look forward to providing you a long lasting solution.