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Video: Fitting Your Bell Hemet Properly

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Fitting Your Bell Hemet Properly

Length: 0:56 Added: Apr-21 Views: 11649

Fitting Your Bell Helmet Properly


Fitting Your Bell Helmet Properly

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, it's Chris in the Bell Garage. Today, we're going to be helping Tony fit her new Bell helmet. The first thing you want to do is place the helmet on your head. And before strapping the chinstrap, just check to make sure the helmet fits snug, forward and backwards, and side to side. If need be, you can go ahead and use the fit system on the back just to get the right fit. Once the helmet fits snugly, go ahead and connect the chin strap underneath your chin, and check to make sure you have space for about two fingers underneath. To make sure the helmet fits correctly, you want to have space for two fingers above your eyebrow, to the bottom of the helmet. And if you have a visor on the helmet, it should be parallel to the ground. The final step is just to make sure the side straps lay flat against your face and come together just under your earlobe. And that's it. With three easy steps, you can properly fit your new Bell helmet. [MUSIC PLAYING]