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Video: CoolMate Misting Fan

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CoolMate Misting Fan

Length: 4:05 Added: May-27 Views: 5324

The CoolMate 6-inch personal misting fan is water-powered, energy efficient and creates a breeze that feels like air conditioning!


The CoolMate 6-inch personal misting fan is water-powered, energy efficient and creates a breeze that feels like air conditioning!

Introducing CoolMate Fans Personal Cooling Systems, the world's first Nano-Mist fan you can use indoors or in your vehicle. What's so different about this fan? The breeze actually feels like air conditioning-- in fact, up to 10 degrees Celsius, or 15 Fahrenheit, cooler than room temperature. It's all thanks to CoolMate's patented Nano-Mist technology. Nothing beats a cool breeze on a hot night to help you get a good sleep. No AC, or spending too much at the pumps? You'll save with a CoolMate fan. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a cool breeze anytime, anywhere. That's what CoolMate's all about. Hi. I'm Trent Coleman from CoolMate Products. If you don't have an AC system in your home or in your vehicle, the CoolMate Fan is the next best thing, and it's way more affordable, too. The CoolMate Fan is actually a personal cooling system that uses water mist technology to cool you off, and it's powered by the most energy-efficient electric motors in the industry. But what's really cool about these fans is you can use them indoors or in your vehicle. That's because CoolMate Fans use a patented misting head design called a Nano-Mist Generator. The mist it generates is so ultra-fine, it evaporates almost immediately and causes an effect that feels like air conditioning. And, it leaves no puddles. Now, you're going to see this fan cool in real time. Use this temperature probe and you'll see the air cool down in just a few seconds. The CoolMate Fan really is quite remarkable. We use high-efficiency DC motors so it's ultra-quiet. Also, the health benefits of the CoolMate Fan are incredible. And the reason for this is, traditional fans actually blow hot air over your body, and they dehydrate you quickly. But the CoolMate Fan actually cools the air down around you and lowers your body temperature. When it comes to versatility, no other fan even comes close to CoolMate. From desktops to dashboards, CoolMate Fans have the accessories you need to make it happen. The CoolMate Fan works anywhere you need to cool off. You can plug it in at home or into the 12-volt outlet in your car. And, with the refillable battery pack, your CoolMate Fan now becomes your "go anywhere" fan. The clip attachment lets you mount the CoolMate almost anywhere. Just clip it on and adjust the swivel head for maximum cooling. Or, secure your fan right to the dashboard. It has a quick release function for refilling and is always within reach for an instant cooldown. Let me show you how easy it is to refill your CoolMate Fan. Please remember to unplug it first. We recommend you use distilled water exclusively in your CoolMate Fan. For about $0.05 a day, you can stay cool for up to six hours. Even if you use your fan every day, it works out to about $18 a year. Compare that to the cost of running a regular air conditioning system. CoolMate's Nano-Mist Generator will not clog up if you use distilled water, because it contains no minerals, like those that commonly clog up your showerhead. For more tips on maintaining your fan and simple instructions for cleaning the misting head, go to Take the heat off a stressful day with a CoolMate Fan. Too warm to sleep? Enjoy a cool breeze for up to six hours on one refill. Turn your AC down or off and start saving fuel with a CoolMate Fan. Say "I love you" with the coolest gift ever for family members or friends. A cool baby is a happy baby, and, when baby's happy, everyone's happy. When tents and trailers get too hot, chill out with a CoolMate Fan. As you can see, whether you work at home or in an office, or drive for a living, or just want to feel the cool breeze, CoolMate Fans are affordable, easy to use, and creative a breeze that feels like air conditioning. So, there you have it. Turn down or even turn off your conventional air conditioning system and save money on your electricity bill and at the gas pumps. For more detailed technical information on these cool, innovative products, please visit our website.