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Video: Rain Filter

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Rain Filter

Length: 3:33 Added: Apr-28 Views: 3021

Rain Filter: watch this video featuring products available on


Rain Filter: watch this video featuring products available on

Looking for a comprehensive, cost-effective gutter protection system? At Foamex Innovations, we have the solution you need. Rain Filter will provide the level of protection you need for up to 60% less than other gutter protection systems. Rain Filter is manufactured with UV stabilizer, biocide and fungicide to resist degradation from the sun and safely inhibit the growth of fungus, algae, and moss. Rain Filter is treated with extreme defiance coding. EDC is a high performance treatment that provides superior protection against extreme weather conditions and is why products are backed by a 25-year, no-clog warranty. The Rain Filter systems are available for any gutter profile and fit perfectly into the gutter cavity blocking off any opening into the gutter. The airy, porous filter does not allow any material to stick to it, so anything that lands on top will dry up and, eventually, be carried away keeping your system clean and clear of clogs. The flow rate of the Rain Filter system exceeds 28 inches of rainfall per hour, which is nearly three times the national standard for rainfall volumes and is the highest flow rate of all gutter protection systems available. Most gutter protection systems cannot tolerate substantial rainfalls, particularly in the gutter valleys. And the damage caused by the overflow could be disastrous to your home's foundation. Rain Filter offers your contractor a great deal of flexibility in selecting the level of protection you need and can be safely installed into any new or existing gutter system without modification to your roof or gutters. Other gutter protection products must be fastened to the front edge of the gutter or the roof with screws or rivets. And this could void your roofing warranty or even affect your homeowner's insurance. Rain Filter will not affect the look of your home because it's not visible from street level. And the sound absorbing material allows for maximum water intake without the rain noise that gutter guards cause. The loud sound of rain landing on gutter guards could be frustrating and will only stop when the rain does. Pine needles and other small debris could be a major concern for homeowner's with any gutter protection system that has an opening into the gutter because the small materials enter the gutter, flow down to the downspout where they eventually cause a clog. Rain Filter fits perfectly into the gutter cavity and allows water to flow freely through any pine needles that may have collected on top. The Rain Filter systems are a perfect gutter protection product for Northern climates as they keep snow and ice out of the gutter and minimize ice log formation which can be a major contributor to costly ice damage. The dark color of the Rain Filter systems attracts the radiant heat of the sun which encourages the melt of snow and ice and keeps the meltwater pathway open. The cold nature of metal and plastic gutter covers can lead to large icicles looming overhead as roof melt freezes downward along the length of the gutter. Animals and insects are often attracted to gutter systems because they act as a catch basin for food and can offer safe shelter from the elements. Homes that are surrounded by oak trees are often full of acorns which can attract rodents and squirrels to the gutter system while insects like mosquitoes can lay their eggs in the water soaked debris in the base of the gutter. Installing metal or plastic gutter guards is usually of no help because food and debris can still enter into the gutter, while insects like wasps and bees will build their nests underneath the gutter cover. Installing any of the Rain Filter family of products will prevent insects and rodents from having any interest in your gutter system. The filter material blocks off any opening into the gutter and because it is so porous, Rain Filter does not provide any shelter. [MUSIC PLAYING]