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Video: Tonno Pro Lo-Roll installation video_EN

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Tonno Pro Lo-Roll installation video_EN

Length: 6:32 Added: Oct-9 Views: 428

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Tonno Pro Tonno covers are one of the highest quality covers on the market today. Aside from its unmistakable quality, is how easy our covers are to install. Introducing our new and most versatile cover. The Tonno Pro Lo-Roll roll up Tonno cover. We would like to invite you to sit back and watch while one of our high quality, Lo-roll Tonno covers is being installed. The average install time is about 20 minutes. First, make sure you locate our general installation instructions before you begin. Next, you should have two aluminum side rails. One for the driver's side and one for the passenger side on the inside bed of the truck. Six seat clamps. Your Lo-roll Tonno cover. Our [? short ?] steel, tailgate gasket. And finally, you will find the limited lifetime warranty for your new cover, inside your installation instructions. After your install is complete, make sure to go online at to register your cover. You will find your serial number located on the underside of the cover. The only tools you will need for basic non-utility track installation, is a 17 millimeter socket and ratchet, along with a pair of standard utility clamps. Step one of the installation process, is to begin installing the aluminum side rails to the inside of the bed of the truck. Once in position, use your utility clamps to hold temporarily to check for proper fitment. Once your side rail is temporarily clamped into position, it is necessary to check for proper fitment. First, make sure that the outside of the side rail fits flush with the top of the bed of the truck. Next, make sure that the rail has proper clearance in the rear of the truck where it meets the tailgate, and check the front of the bed as well. Now that you have checked for proper fitment, it's time to install the factory provided aluminum seat clamps, and attach the side rail to the inside of the factory bed rail lip. Make sure to locate the seat clamp in a level spot so the rail remains level to accept the cover. The next step in your installation will be to identify the mounting and tension control pre-punched holes. The elongated slotted hole is for mounting, and the three- one eighth inch holes are for your cover's tension control settings. The factory presets and builds the covers to be set on the first or most rear-located hole. Simply drop the tension control plate in place, and now you are ready to mount the combination bulk head and cover. Now that the tension control plates are in place, it's time to install your combination bulkhead Tonno cover. Simply position the sliding t-bolts towards the end of the bulkhead channel. And drop the bolt through the hole in the tension control plate. And through the side rail. Finish fastening the washer and nylon lock nut. And tighten. To unroll the cover, simply release the safety J-hooks, and begin to unroll your cover. Once your cover is completely unrolled, lift up the aluminum tailgate channel, and place into the [? level ?] blocks located in the rear of the side rail. Pull down on the rear of the cover, and allow the catch to be latched. Last, reattach the side Velcro to smooth out the cover. To release the cover, simply pull down on the rear of the cover, and push the lever towards the front of the vehicle. There may come a time to increase the tension on the cover to keep it smooth and functional. While the cover is in the open position, simply loosen the nylon lock nut, and lift the bulkhead up from the side rail. And move the tension control plate up one adjustment hole on both sides of the truck. The single three sixteenth adjustment will provide enough adjustment to take out any slack you might have in your cover. This is recommended only during the warmest part of the day when the vinyl cover is soft and flexible. The Tonno Pro Lo-Roll has one of the most stylish, low profile covers on the market. It's sleek design will provide you years of protection and performance. Now that your Lo-roll cover is installed, it can be used for a variety of purposes. The design of our covers allows the owner to have duel access to the bed of the truck. For access to the top of the bed, simply roll up the cover to the open position, and load anything your truck bed can handle. Another important feature is you have full access to the truck beds side rails. This will allow you to install accessory items such as slide rails or tie downs to your stake hole pockets. Other competitively priced roll up covers mount on the top of the bed of the truck, preventing the use of these popular accessory items. For security purposes, lock your tailgate to prevent any unwanted access to the bed of your truck. Tonno Pro is easy to install, and requires no drilling. Tonno Pro Lo-roll is lightweight and durable, and offers a limited lifetime warranty. Along with its sleek, stylish good looks, it offers another long lasting feature. The aerodynamics of the cover, provides its owner with gas savings of up to 10% to 13%. Over time, Tonno Pro can pay for itself. When it comes to quality, easy installation, and price, it's no wonder why Tonno Pro products have become the consumer's choice. Get covered with Tonno Pro.