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Video: Kirkland Signature Premium Hearing Aids 4.0

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Kirkland Signature Premium Hearing Aids 4.0

Length: 3:44 Added: Apr-26 Views: 2210

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Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] These are some of the important sounds you may be missing if you are one of the millions of people with hearing loss. It's estimated that only six million of the 28 million Americans with hearing loss actually use hearing aids. Maybe you don't know how much hearing aids have changed. Are you afraid of what hearing aids might look like, or of what your friends might say? Thanks to great advancements in technology and design, hearing aids are smaller, sleeker, more attractive, and even cooler. In fact, many of them are practically invisible when worn. How do you know if you have a hearing loss? The signs aren't always readily apparent. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to explore the possibility of having a hearing loss. Do you often ask people to repeat themselves? Do you often think that other people are mumbling? Do others tell you if a TV is turned up too loud? Do you have trouble hearing children and women? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you might have a hearing loss. Costco hearing aid centers offer the latest hearing aid technology, including the Kirkland Signature Receiver in the Canal instrument. Costco hearing aid centers also provide a wide range of sophisticated testing. Kirkland Signature 4.0 Premium Hearing Aid's state of the art design offers high performance technology and connectivity, while providing comfort in your day to day life. The hearing aids are convenient to use, thanks to the included remote control and charger. This remote control enables you to change hearing aid settings discretely with the touch of a button. You can make volume and program changes, and even turn your hearing aids on and off. Use the hearing aid charger to charge your hearing aid batteries overnight, for reliable performance. The charger also features an electronic drawing function to control moisture and humidity, prolonging the life of your hearing aids, and cutting down on maintenance. The Kirkland Signature Premium Digital Hearing Aids feature-- 16 channels, five memory settings, rechargeable batteries, wireless communication between hearing aids, multiple automatic features, premium feedback prevention, premium moisture protection, sound tailoring, automatic equalizer, sound locator, telecoil and autophone, and optional Bluetooth connectivity. Included in the Kirkland Signature Premium Digital Hearing Aids package are-- two premium digital hearing aids, a remote control, a 3G charger/dryer, a jewel case, mini soft-sided case, and accessory pouch, cleaning supplies, two size 13 rechargeable batteries, 10 size 13 zinc air batteries, and a battery caddy. The Kirkland Signature premium digital hearing aids are fully featured, and can be yours for less than $2000 a pair. [MUSIC PLAYING]