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Video: Ripples Fountain

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Ripples Fountain

Length: 1:49 Added: May-12 Views: 1672

Ripples Fountain: watch this video featuring products available on


Ripples Fountain: watch this video featuring products available on

Outdoor water fountains, they're a great way to add enjoyment and value to your home. However, the maintenance and frequent cleaning can be a hassle. And soft rubber liners that can puncture or leak have often made installation time consuming and difficult. But that's all changed now, thanks to LiquidArt's pond-less fountain kits. Shown here is our single ripple ceramic fountain. And everything you need is included with the kit, including the water reservoir, grating, hose, water flow control valve, and all necessary hardware. The kit also includes one of our rippled ceramic bubblers, which is approximately 25 inches tall. The ceramic bubbler is custom made exclusively for LiquidArt. And it provides a richer, classier look than you get with simulated ceramic bubblers, made of plastic, fiberglass, or resin. Installation of your fountain is easy too. Just dig a hole for the fountain base, run the hose from the pump up through the grate and filter screen and attach it to the PVC union inside the bubbler. Even though it'll look like you spent the entire weekend putting it together, installation normally only takes about three hours. With LiquidArt's pond-less design, maintenance is virtually nonexistent. So you can spend your time enjoying your fountain, rather than cleaning filters or constantly removing leaves and other debris out of the water. And the solid reservoir design means you won't have to worry about punctures or leaks that are common with ponds that use soft rubber liners. LiquidArt's single ripple ceramic fountain kit will enhance your outdoor living experience, adding value, beauty, and tranquility to your yard. And if you order through, you'll get discounted pricing from our normal retail prices. And orders are usually shipped out within 24 hours. You can also call LiquidArt for more information at 1-800-974-9586. [BUBBLING WATER]