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Video: American Heritage Alliance Billiard Collection

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American Heritage Alliance Billiard Collection

Length: 3:00 Added: Feb-4 Views: 7532

Make a bold statement in your entertainment room with the stunning Alliance Ultimate Game Room Collection.


Make a bold statement in your entertainment room with the stunning Alliance Ultimate Game Room Collection.

Now is your chance. You've always wanted the ultimate game room. We've partnered with American Heritage Billiards, the world's largest game room furniture manufacturer, to create this incredible, once in a lifetime offering. This spectacular 8-foot Alliance Pool Table will become the centerpiece of gatherings for friends and families for generations to come. Pay special attention to the elegant lines and intricate carvings of detail throughout this beautiful piece of furniture. From the decorative aprons that adorn the surface perimeter to the custom-tailored loop and tassel pockets that provide a seamless transition of flow, the artisans' attention to detail is nothing less than extraordinary. The styling of the elegant arch and highlighted edge lines of the cabinet body is a work of art. But, perhaps, what may garner the most attention is the magnificently sculptured ball-and-claw legs that feature carvings found only on heirloom furniture. Our decorators have outdone themselves in developing a stunning finish color, with accent glazings that enhance the beauty of our design while eloquently complementing virtually any home decor. The same holds true of the bed cloth they have selected. The khaki color accents the beauty of the wood finish and eases eye strain during the hours of play you'll enjoy. You can also have peace of mind knowing the cloth is protected with Teflon for those accidental spills. Most importantly, this family heirloom plays as good as it looks. We've employed time-tested wood joinery techniques throughout the entire table construction. No metal brackets are used in the cabinet construction, and no hardware ever supports any weight. This enables us to level the finest 1-inch slate bed that true billiard professionals demand while building the quietest playing table ever made. Best of all, once it's level, it stays level-- forever. We're sure by now you realize we've built this table for the true professional, incorporating extra-wide rails with crisp diamond sites to provide easy hand placement and accurate angles to the pockets. To play like a pro, you need professional equipment. We've included all the accessories you need to get started and feature four tournament-quality cues. We have even created an extra-short cue for tight spaces or the youngster of the home. You'll also receive this custom wall rack to help store your play equipment when not in use. Also included in this offer is our finest ping pong conversion top that easily slides on and off your table. The net, paddles, and balls are part of the package as well. Hurry-- you will never find savings like this again. Start building your own treasure chest of memories right now. Just in case you didn't notice them, please, don't forget to inquire about the other magnificent furniture items you've seen in this room. They're are all available, and at incredible savings, when purchased during this special event.