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Video: Lulea Cove Bedroom Collection

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Lulea Cove Bedroom Collection

Length: 2:53 Added: Mar-21 Views: 21718

Lulea Cove Bedroom Collection Costco


Lulea Cove Bedroom Collection Costco

Hello, I'm Becca, and today, I'd like to tell you about the beautiful Lulea Cove Bedroom Collection. This stunning bedroom set includes a storage bed, media console, gentleman's chest, nightstand, and lingerie chest. Each piece offers a comfortably elegant look, and is loaded with features designed for today's lifestyles. The star of the collection? This lovely storage bed. It's beautiful, rustic cherry finish has an updated traditional feel, and is distinguished by light cathedral figuring in the veneer. The headboard features decorative framed panels and a fully finished back. As functional as it is beautiful, it offers generous storage for sheets, blankets, and clothing in the footboard. The drawers are fully extendable, and have fully finished interior drawer sides and backs, and most have cedar lined bottoms. With a platform base and wide decorative side rails that bolt on with stainless steel hardware, this bed guarantees uncompromised style and durability. Now, let's look at the coordinating pieces in the Lulea Cove Collection. The innovative media console is designed to accommodate most 60-inch flat panel televisions. It features four generous lower storage drawers, as well as two top drawers, with flip-down fronts that offer easy access to components, yet hide them when they're not in use. Each one includes cable management access at the back of the drawer, as well as the back of the console. The multifunctional media console not only provides the perfect place to enjoy TV or play video games, it can also be converted into various workspace configurations. A flip-down drawer can be fully extended to create the perfect place for a laptop. Or put a monitor on top, and use the extendable tray for a keyboard. This truly unique piece is suitable for nearly every room in the home, from bedroom to family room. Another fantastic storage piece is the gentleman's chest. It features 11 spacious drawers that makes staying neat and organized a breeze. Front and back English dovetail drawer construction provides strength and durability to all pieces in this group. The nightstand in this collection combines storage with functionality. It has two storage drawers to keep books, magazines, and the remote control out of sight. In addition, a convenient hidden compartment offers both power and USB sources for charging electronics, or powering a lamp or alarm clock. Completing this bedroom group is the lingerie chest. It features five large drawers for storing clothing and accessories. And a removable and adjustable velvet-lined jewelry tray in the top drawer keeps all your accessories close at hand. Thank you for joining me today, as we've explored the Lulea Cove Bedroom Collection. As you've seen, these amazing furnishings combine timeless design features and exceptional functionality, to make it easy to create a dream bedroom. [MUSIC PLAYING]