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Yes Video

Length: 1:41 Added: Jul-22 Views: 9852

Shop Yes Video's video to DVD service at Costco.


Shop Yes Video's video to DVD service at Costco.

Costco's One Hour Photos DVD transfer service lets you enjoy your classic home movies and slides again on DVD and online. The process is simple. Bring your media to the Costco one hour photo counter, place your order on the photo kiosk, choose a theme and background music, and enter a title for your DVD. That's it. In about three weeks we'll provide you with two archive quality gold DVDs as well as an email message with an invitation to view your movies online in a private account. You can watch your home movies from any computer anytime. And we've built sharing right in, so you can share your favorite clips to Facebook or email with just a click of a button. You can even publisher your clips straight to your Facebook timeline. You can also create custom DVDs from your favorite clips. The easy to use editing tools let you simply drag and drop the clips you like and combine them to make a DVD of your favorite months. Then have them shipped to your friends and family anywhere in the United States. Your online account will give you unlimited online storage with no expiration. Plus, it's completely private with robust security and sharing controls. So your movie stay safe and secure. Best of all, this is included free with any digital transfer service. The video transfer service starts at just $17.99. So just bring your memories to the Costco one hour photo counter, and we'll do the rest.