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Video: Wineguard Antenna Video

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Wineguard Antenna Video

Length: 0:58 Added: May-23 Views: 47956

Winguard Antenna


Winguard Antenna

The FlatWave antenna by Winegard is a non amplified indoor HDTV antenna that enables you to watch the top rated shows in HD and with no monthly programming fees. With the range of 35 miles, this high VHF/UHF antenna is translucent with silver elements to fit into any decor. And features a razor thin patented design. Set up is quick and easy. First, connect the attached 15 foot high quality mini coax cable to the antenna in port on your TV. Second, use the provided command strips to hang the antenna in a window, or on a wall, or to lay it flat. Third, run a channel scan. Depending on the channels you find, you may need to reposition the antenna and repeat the channel scan. Then you can start watching your favorite free top rated TV shows in stunning HD and for free. With the Winegard FlatWave indoor HDTV antenna.