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Video: Navigloo Plus All-Inclusive Boat Shelter System

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Navigloo Plus All-Inclusive Boat Shelter System

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Navigloo Plus All-Inclusive Boat Shelter System


Navigloo Plus All-Inclusive Boat Shelter System

Installing a boat shelter for winter has evolved in the last few years , bringing an end to do-it-yourself constructions that could collapse over the season. Shrink wrap boat covers are used but it's a costly operation that must be repeated each season and the plastic is destroyed upon removal. Today there is an efficient way to store a boat with Navigloo Modular Protection System. It provides the strongest and most reliable protection. Navigloo is reusable year after year. It consists of a set of highly resistant PVC telescopic tubes forming the frame of the boat shelter. These interchangeable tubes can adapt to most boats 14 to 23 feet long. The system is made with recycled, highly resistant PVC. That's an environmental bonus. To connect and brace the frame to the boat, the system uses strong straps and fasteners with a high grade tarpaulin specially designed to adapt to the frame. Vertical posts are inserted in sand filled bases, then horizontal supports are added, and the junctions. Finally it can all be secured with straps. Navigloo's high profile eliminates the accumulation of any water, ice, and snow that could cause serious harm to the boat over the storage period. Do not store your boat over the winter without adequate protection. The creation of the Navigloo Modular Protection System took many years of design. The goal was to find the best solution for safe, quick, and easy boat storage. It's the best solution available to boat owners.

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