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Video: Kanto - M500 Articulating Wall Mount

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Kanto - M500 Articulating Wall Mount

Length: 2:14 Added: May-27 Views: 7969

584665 M500 Articulating Wall Mount


584665 M500 Articulating Wall Mount

This video will demonstrate the installation of an M500 by Kanto AV Systems, a full motion mount for TVs up to 50 inches. Using the screws provided, attach the bracket arms to the back of the TV at the desired height. Using a stud finder, locate and mark the center of the stud. Using a level, make a mark that is vertical with the top mark near the bottom of the mount. Drill the top hole. Using the mount as a template, align the top hole, and then mark on the vertical line the location of the bottom hole. Drill the bottom hole. Use the lag bolts to attach the mount to the wall. Snap the decorative covers onto the mount's wall plate. Using two people, lift and attach the TV bracket arms to the TV plate. Notice the left bracket arm has the safety latch, so your TV is secure from the moment it's mounted. The TV can be adjusted laterally along the TV plate. The second bracket arm has a built-in safety screw that prevents further lateral movement. Tighten the safety screw. The M500 also has a built-in cable management system. Tilting is achieved using the tilt bolt, easily accessible behind the TV. A rotation adjustment is available, should you need it. This preassembled mount allows your TV to extend over 23 inches from the wall, offering a wide range of viewing positions. [MUSIC PLAYING}